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 "One Great Genealogy Site" Award Winners
The following sites have received the "One Great Genealogy Site" award from OneGreatFamily. Each week additional sites are chosen to receive this award. Please take a moment to nominate your favorite genealogy site to receive this award by sending an email to Dedicated to Acadian/Cajun and Acadian/French Canadian genealogy. The site, which is administered by Yvon Cyr, provides valuable resources for Acadian research, including two CD-ROMs containing Acadian data. is an excellent genealogy resource if you have any Acadian roots. provides links to several interesting databases and genealogy utilities, including a beginner's tutorial and a county locator. Some of the databases are Bible Records, Cemetery Records, Census Records, Military Records, Native American Records and More! You can also download Free Genealogy Charts and see genealogy data organized by US State. Visit to find information to add to your Family Tree. Based at the University of South Florida, this volunteer project aims to preserve and publish online records documenting the names and lives of slaves, freed persons and their descendants. The project taps library holdings, academic archives, plantation journals, public records, Freedman's Bureau files, early church records, oral histories, family Bibles and more. A site devoted to African American genealogy and to researching African Ancestry in the Americas in particular. The site also provides access to more general genealogical research and resources. AfriGeneas is also an African Ancestry research community featuring the AfriGeneas mail list, the AfriGeneas message boards and daily and weekly genealogy chats.

All-Genealogy Sites: Research your surname or find records by region, record type, or religion at All-Genealogy Sites. This site is a topical directory for genealogy records and research topics. The site has more than 614 valuable links to genealogy resources. The site also provides an index of user-submitted genealogy websites.

Ancestor Genealogy Photo Archive is a free genealogy database of family photos containing online vintage photographs. Many of these photos have been submitted by our visitors to help you find your ancestors and surnames. Others were found in antique stores and flea markets, and posted here in hopes of reuniting them with family members. Your ancestors could be among these genealogy photos. This site links to many of the resources found at, but also includes links to various genealogy utilities and popular directory sites. If you are looking for more information on ancestors you have found at OneGreatFamily, consider making your next genealogy destination.

Established in 1992, Ancestors Professional Genealogy Service has successfully traced the family history of over 3000 people and given help and advice to over 10,000 others! With our service, you will be given a set price and then you just sit back and let the professionals do the hard work for you! All of our findings will be backed-up by copies of original documents and you will receive comprehensive written reports on completion.

Ancestral Findings: A mega genealogy database allowing you to look someone up by: birth records, land records, state records, death records, census records, military records, marriage records, family trees, passenger/immigration records, and more!

Ancient Faces: AncientFaces has become the largest visual genealogy presence on the Internet by providing a free location for the exchange of photos. Thousands of photos are being scanned and then added to AncientFaces by their owners so that others researching their family trees can place faces with the names of ancestors.

Association of Professional Genealogists is an independent organization whose principal purpose is to support professional genealogists in all phases of their work: from the amateur genealogist wishing to turn knowledge and skill into a vocation, to the experienced professional seeking to exchange ideas with colleagues and to upgrade the profession as a whole. The association also seeks to protect the interest of those engaging in the services of the professional. is the world's largest genealogy audio and video resource The site offers recordings of conference lectures on a wide variety of subjects. These tapes are especially useful to people who are not able to attend these conferences or who want to re-visit a particular lecture to further their knowledge about a subject. Join and listen to the experts as they share and discuss their methods, tips, and secrets on researching your ancestors.

Awesome Genealogy is an online directory of genealogy resources. The site hosts several databases from ongoing projects and links to resources found elsewhere on the Internet. The site has a well-organized directory and has several categories of links and resources that are easy to access.

Best Family Photography Tips explains EVERYTHING required to achieve the best photographic results for all your family events. Describes what to do before, during, & after taking digital photos. Includes examples on indoor & outdoor posing, composition, and lighting tips the pros use. Create baby, child, group, and pet portraits for the entire family. (Radix): This site, also called Radix, is dedicated to genealogy research in Hungary. The site provides links for professional research services in Hungary and provides access to a few Hungarian databases as well.

British History Online is a digital library for historians of Britain seeking access to an interconnected range of historical sources - including text and information about people, places and businesses from the 12th century to the present day.

Caleb Johnson's Mayflower website: Caleb Johnson has outdone himself with the massive Mayflower archive he's uploaded online. Apart from the excellent genealogical resources he's provided, he's done all the research on just about everything else you'd ever want to know about this historic ship, her passengers and her crew. It's one of the most interesting yet informative websites out there, and is used across the globe as a teaching resource on this topic. So whether you're a schoolteacher, genealogist, or just want a little pertinent reading for Thanksgiving, we highly recommend Caleb Johnson's Mayflower website.

Census Finder contains over 24,000 links to free census and genealogy records found online along with a vast amount of genealogy resources such as pages of county maps and genealogy society pages. features 40 free spreadsheets which are designed for researchers to electronically organize and archive extracted census and cemetery data. The census spreadsheets faithfully reproduce the format of original records for the US Federal (1790-1930), Canada, England, Ireland, Scotland, and eight states. There are also spreadsheets available for specialty census records such as slave and mortality schedules, surviving spouses, pensioners and Indian rolls. Complimenting each census spreadsheet is what CensusTools calls the Tracker, a special spreadsheet which allows a researcher to display census data from multiple years for a particular person in a single worksheet for ease of analysis. The beautifully designed spreadsheets can also be printed blank to use as extraction sheets or filled in for inclusion in book projects. All of the spreadsheets are available as free downloads from

CinnamonToast Genealogy: Research your surname or find records by region, record type, or religion at CinnamonToast Genealogy. This site is an excellent resource for genealogy records and information available online. The site provides visitors with 7472 links to other sites and contains links or information on more than 138,000 surnames. Take some time to enjoy the site's genealogy explorer search functionality or to submit your own genealogy website to its growing index.

The Colonial Ancestors Database contains genealogy information and documents about ancestors in the thirteen original colonies. The database contains information about colonial ancestors posted by our visitors. Some of the records contain the email address of the submitter. You can contact the submitter to exchange information. is the place where genealogists can post their queries. The site features a powerful server and database engine to store, search, and manage your queries. CousinConnect focuses on making your queries highly visible to the genealogy community. If you are looking to contact other genealogists, discover distant relatives, or find a missing person, CousinConnect offers you the best chance for success. is a free, searchable database containing nearly 50,000 records representing over 12,000 surnames. Anyone who finds an ancestor's photo belonging to the archive will receive it for free! Submit your own genealogy photos and come dig up the past at

Directory of Royal Genealogical Data is a database containing the genealogy of almost every ruling house in the western world. The database includes more than 30,000 individuals from the earliest times to the present You can select indexes of the data that are ordered alphabetically, chronologically, by ruling house, by title or by another search string you specify. When you locate individuals you can then follow links to their most immediate family members, such as parents, spouse or children. You can also follow links that lead to further data about a person. The additional information, such as a picture or sound recording, may reside within the database or be found on other websites.

Distant Cousin is an online archive of genealogy records and scanned images of historical documents from a wide variety of sources; such as newspaper obituaries, city directories, census records, ship lists, school yearbooks, military records, and more. In all there are more than 6 million genealogy records from over 1,500 sources online. Do you have Dutch ancestors? is an excellent resource for anyone whose ancestral lines trace back to Holland. The site has many databases, products, and tools for learning about your Dutch Ancestry. The site features databases of christenings, and court and notary records for South Holland. The site also includes a records timeline and a document of common Dutch first names.

Families Reunited is the number one site to reunite with members of your family who you have lost contact with, or have yet to meet. Do you have relatives who you have never met or have lost contact with? Have you ever wondered where they are? Just think, you might have a whole new family you never knew you had. So if you are looking for members of your family where better to start looking than here at families Reunited. We can help you to find your relatives using our advanced database search features.

The Family History Network formerly Everton Publishers, has been serving the needs of genealogists for almost 60 years. FHN is devoted to assisting people through the publication of Family History Magazine formerly the Everton's Genealogical Helper. The Family History Magazine is a bi-monthly instructional periodical that will help you discover your roots by breaking down genealogy into three distinct areas: researching vital statistics, gathering related details and the preservation of life's stories. - Summer is a perfect time to get together for a fun family reunion. Visit the web's most popular family reunion planning website. They offer such resources as planning software, a FREE newsletter, links to other reunion sites, and books that offer planning ideas. If you are planning a reunion, you can also announce it in their FREE reunion registry, or you can check to see if your family has already announced a reunion. Family-reunions are a great way to communicate with your family about your genealogy, so start planning your family reunion today with!

Family Tree Digest: Attention! Genealogists and Family Historians! Looking for Tips, Tactics and Up-to-Date News to Simplify Your Research? Our FREE monthly newsletter, Family Tree Digest is just what you need! Every month we have articles covering a wide range of topics: newly-available resources, and research tips and tricks to help you break through those brick walls that arise from time-to-time.

Family Tree DNA is a site that offers DNA testing to make genealogy discoveries. The site boasts more than 500 family projects with more than 2000 family names and provides a list of ways DNA can help in genealogy. Genealogy by genetics is the greatest addition to Genealogy since the creation of the Family Tree! The value of Family Tree DNA testing is our ability to help find "Genetic Cousins" by comparing the results of as few as two people.

Find Your Female Ancestors: The website,, has a unique section titled, "Find Your Female Ancestors." As many of you may have discovered, female ancestors are often hard to find. Because of name changes and lost marriage records, it is often difficult, if not impossible, to find your female ancestors' lineage. You will find a free genealogy database containing female ancestors submitted by visitors to help find your female ancestors and surnames. is a search tool to help you locate free genealogy databases and transcriptions on the web. You can search by location (country, state, province, county, etc.) or type of record (census, passenger list, marriage, etc.). is a site updated daily with helpful advice, articles, and links all dedicated to the online genealogy sector. Searching for that missing family history fact or just thinking about starting your family tree? It's all here, so search away.

The Free Genealogy Directory is a site that is building the best list of free genealogy site resources on the Internet. You can research your family tree, locate your ancestors, find genealogy software, and other genealogy resources. Need a unique gift for the hardcore genealogist? Have you been searching everywhere for a cross-stitch pattern of your family tree? Do you want to find crafts, prints, games, stickers, and other genealogically themed products and items? Then surf on over to is a free genealogy biography database with biographies for your genealogy research. The site also offers links to other online biography sites to help you find your ancestors and surnames. The links directory includes thousands of online biography sites. You will find links to sites with collections that contain numerous biographies in each collection. You will also find links to individual biographies as well. You can search for your ancestors by entering a name or location, or you can see a list of all genealogy biographies in the database. The free genealogy database of biographies is growing rapidly, so check it out today! is a genealogy topic site hosted by and run by genealogy professional, Kimberly Powell. Kimberly Powell has built a comprehensive environment around genealogy topics, including the best new content available, relevant genealogy links, How-To's, forums, and answers to just about any question you may have about genealogy. March is Women's History Month, which celebrates the accomplishments of famous and ordinary women throughout American history. Visit today to help celebrate the lives of our ancestral and historical women. Many of us have been caught up in the world of blogs. How many of you have found If you haven't come across this site, created by, you should check it out. It has fun and informative information for genealogists. There is also a nice list of categories for the archived blogs. Many genealogists find that, at some point in their research, all roads lead back to Great Britain. When you need a good resource of UK information, Genealogy Database is a source you'll want to bookmark. The guestbook & testimonials on the main site is evidence its popularity. It's an immense volume of work carried out over several years, and displays excellent site navigation with many FREE databases. is FREE genealogy database of scanned and transcribed documents containing ancestor's names for your genealogy research. While these are not official genealogical records, or even records that prove relationships, they are documents that provide insight into the everyday lives of your ancestors to enhance your genealogical research.

The Genealogy Home Page boast more than 4,000 links to categorized sites across the Internet. Unlike other genealogy directories, The Genealogy Home Page is simple, clean, and extremely functional. From North American Genealogy to Newsgroups and Mailing Lists, to Genealogical Societies, you're sure to find a link to what you're looking for on The Genealogy Home Page.

GenealogyPro is the directory with the largest choice of independent genealogy related services and products including: professional genealogists, adoption and missing people researchers, translators, military and historical researchers, heraldry specialists, heir and estate researchers, photographers, and more!

The Genealogy Register: Discover your ancestors with thousands of links to free online census records, passenger lists, vital records, obituaries, military rosters, surname homepages, and more!

Since 1985, Genealogy Research Associates has helped people trace, compile, and publish their family histories. Their mission is to simplify the research process, provide practical educational training, preserve primary original documents, and create innovative information technologies. They educate on how to complete your genealogy, help find records, locate professional researchers, and help you get organized. Over 970,000 names are available at Genealogy Today. They continue to add thousands of names every week to both our free and paid databases, which can be searched through our site search. What's great about the (paid) subscription databases, is that you can search the indexes for free, and all of the listings clearly cite the source down to the page number. They also have a free service called Surname Tracker that allows you to register your surnames and our system will send you an email when we find any information on them. To signup, just do a search, or visit is a database of over 20,000 Marriage records, surname registry queries, and links to genealogy and history sites. You can search marriage records, add your ancestors' marriages, or connect with other researchers! They also offer a categorized genealogy directory of well-known and not-so-well-known genealogy and history sites to help visitors in their genealogy research.

Since 1999, GeneaSearch has been helping search for ancestors, build family trees and family history with free genealogy lookups, free genealogy sites, family surname newsletters, data, books from genealogy societies and individuals, surname queries, female ancestors, beginner's genealogy guide. Other genealogy resources are links, lists of societies, and a variety of tools for online research..

GenExchange: GenExchange is a genealogical data exchange where visitors and researchers alike can go to find specific persons and exchange specific data with one another. The GenExchange is the oldest of the now popular data-based genealogy web sites, forging new territory and showcasing emerging technologies in 1996 to become the second largest non-commercial genealogy project on the Internet today.

If you are ready to search your family history, GenSwap is a great database to start with. They can help you find free genealogy records, free lookups, free surname searches, genealogy professionals, and more! GenSwap is frequently updated, along with their page of online sites. You can always find what you are looking for at GenSwap Good luck with your searching! was created as a forum to bring together web-based and print resources to assist genealogists in writing their family histories. A well-written family history is more than lists of names, dates and places. To add interest and substance, a family history should be written against a well-researched social history backdrop. Genwriters presents resources to assist you with your basic genealogy research. Read articles about organization, note taking and interviewing. renews your cherished photos & old documents by removing tears, cuts, scratches, holes and watermarks; rebuilding areas that have faded or are missing and bringing your image back to its original brilliance. First-time customers get any service for only $20.00! They're your memories, why not preserve their existence for future generations.

The heart of the history of any New England town can be found in it's cemeteries. is a collection of photographs and historical information of colonial cemeteries and gravestones of New England in southern Maine, southern New Hampshire and northeast Massachusetts. is intended to help those people with Native Hawaiian Ancestry of pure or part aboriginal blood learn more about their 'Ohana (family). However, this website could also be helpful to anyone with Hawaiian ties. They offer resources such as land records, information on naming practices, immigrant ship lists, Hawaiian history, and newspaper obituaries. They also offer Message Boards where you can share what you know of your genealogy in hopes of finding connections with others and closing gaps in your own genealogy.

Hispanic Surnames Database is a database where web addresses are gathered containing genealogical data about each specific hispanic surname. Instead of browsing through hundreds of pages trying to locate information, you can use this database to directly access the relevant pages.

Historical Directories is produced and owned by the University of Leicester. It is a digital library, of local and trade directories for England and Wales, from 1750 to 1919. Within the digital library you'll find high quality reproductions of comparatively rare books, essential tools for research into local and genealogical history. The Historical Directories provides national coverage and also integrates material from different institutions into a coherent, and free, online collection. is a site that attempts to encourage others - from novice to pro - in their quest for roots. Here you'll find grants for genealogical initiatives, guidance for your search, and inspiration for those times when you could use a little dose! This site was developed to help at least a few more people connect - be it with scattered kin, family treasures or long-departed ancestors. So go to today, and spend a few minutes exploring! If you're a passionate genealogist, chances are that you've visited a cemetery or two. is of tremendous value to genealogists because it's a website devoted to publishing cemetery records and materials. It boasts a database of 3,052,133 burial records and tombstone inscriptions for 6,375 cemeteries worldwide. These vast resources are compiled from government agencies or submitted by site visitors and can help to locate burial grounds all over the globe. If you need help tracing your family history, or just want to learn something about cemeteries in general, we highly recommend

Irish Family History Foundation: The Irish Family History Foundation is the gateway to discovering all about your Irish ancestry, roots, genealogy and family history from anywhere in Ireland. They cover the 32 counties of Ireland, North, South, East and West.

JewishGen is the primary internet source connecting researchers of Jewish genealogy worldwide. Its most popular components are the JewishGen Discussion Group, the JewishGen Family Finder (a database of 300,000 surnames and towns), the comprehensive directory of InfoFiles, ShtetLinks for over 200 communities, and a variety of databases such as the ShtetlSeeker and Jewish Records Indexing-Poland. JewishGen's online Family Tree of the Jewish People contains data on over two million people. is a major genealogy reference library and resource center built and maintained by professional genealogists who understand the needs of beginning researchers and experienced family historians. Explore our website to learn about us, genealogy, our local and international services, and search some database. You can also browse our store, post a query and ask questions. is a site that categorizes and organizing genealogical information. Even looking beyond genealogy, Linkpendium is one of the largest human-edited directories to resources on the Web. The Linkpendium collection includes 3,516,226 links specialized to genealogical information. The links are divided into two collections. There is a 3,033,240 link surname collection, categorized by almost a half-million surnames from around the globe. There is also an American locality collection, categorized by the 3,000+ American counties and similar geographical entities. An average of 100,000 links are being added every month. Check out to see if you can find any of your ancestors in the new genealogy directory.

Lutheran Roots: Register online, collaborate with others, enjoy message boards, create a website, and enjoy other online resources targeted toward individuals with Lutheran ancestors. This site is sponsored by Thrivent Financial for Lutherans

Mary's Genealogy Treasures: Need quick access to Canadian genealogy resources? Mary's Genealogy Treasures is an excellent resource for anyone interested in Canadian research, especially in the province of Alberta. Mary has put together valuable links to genealogy sites and services worldwide. She has even listed the lines she is currently researching to collaborate with others. The site has more than 17,000 useful links, including a surname index to help you meet and work with other researchers.

NedGen: NedGen is a large search engine that allows you to browse genealogy sites from all over the world. NedGen provides access to other genealogy sites that allow you to search for records based on various geographic and ethnic categories. is a resource for family history research using newspapers and are made available to you free of charge. It is composed of over 12,000+ news items, ranging in size from a single entry to an entire newspaper. All items within this site have been submitted by individuals like you who are interested in helping others in the search for their ancestors. This database continues to grow with the daily submission of news items by site visitors. A collection of obituary notices for the purpose of making them available for genealogy research. This site has a wealth of information available for individuals who lived in the United States and Canada.

Old Directory Search is a site that hosts several old city directories. The directories have been scanned and indexed, so you can search for the names of your ancestors The site also contains links to directories found on commercial websites. is a site where you can search High School & College Yearbooks, Graduation Programs, Reunion Booklets, Class Rolls, Alumni Lists, School Photos & Memorabilia. Browse the collection by state or type the surname you're looking for into the search box at top right.

Olive Tree Genealogy, created by Lorine in February 1996, is committed to bringing you free genealogy records. The Olive Tree Genealogy site is very large with more than 1,700 pages of free genealogy to help you find your brick-wall ancestors. Search for your family origins and immigrant ancestors! Free searchable databases are at your fingertips. Adding another branch to your family tree has never been easier.

Our Family Tree is a site dedicated researching the ancestors and bringing together the descendants of Mikesell, Wherry, Lilly, Frick or Goodrum families. While it may be too late to get your family's information included in the program, it's never too late to get involved in the family history research and create relationships with the extended family . . . at the reunion or even online. is designed to provide consumers with an easily accessible marketplace for large-format wall hangings, placing special emphasis on personalized genealogy charts and photos reproduced on canvas. You can accent your home decor with stunning, full-color, genealogy charts filled with family photos, or showcase your professionally printed genealogy charts and make copies for your family members for family reunions. The site of ProGenealogists, Inc., a group of professional researchers located near Salt Lake City, Utah. These researchers have a wealth of experience and have access to the largest family history library in the world. Consider giving them a try if you need someone to look up a record or to verify information found in OneGreatFamily.

Roots & Routes is about family history, heritage travel and more. Our idea is to use the cultural connections, great migrations, settlements and symbolic landscapes of North America to inform these popular avocations and make them more meaningful.

Use Select Genealogy Tours to visit your ancestral roots and heritage in Europe. From personalized Clan Tours in the Highlands of Scotland and Great Britain through to Jewish heritage tours in the Ukraine and Russia we have the experience and expertise of dedicated travel professionals and genealogists to organize your homecoming and bring you back to your past.

The Smith Family Genealogy Site consists of over 4,300 individuals and is continually growing. The Smith Family has created this site to document the life and times of their ancestors and present day relatives. They have dedicated a great amount of time in creating this site to make the surnames easy to access and beneficial for all those who choose to use the site. They invite all to join in this journey, the trials and tribulations, and the joy and wonderment of their heritage.

SurnameWeb: The genealogy web project of surname resource centers and personal genealogy pages on the web. With a searchable Registry, it is now one of the largest and most unique listings of genealogy home pages on the web! Online since 1996. Submit your genealogy home page today!

Ultimate Tributes is a great site for memorializing your ancestors. An Ultimate Tribute is an online tribute that is available now and for future generations. We encourage you to gather the very best memories and pictures so you can arrange them to tell the story of your loved one. It is a biography, tribute and time capsule . . . all rolled into one expandable archive.

The USGenWeb Project is a group of volunteers working together to provide Internet websites for genealogical research in every county and every state of the United States. This Project is non-commercial and fully committed to free access for everyone. Organization is by county and state, and this website provides you with links to all the state websites which, in turn, provide gateways to the counties. The USGenWeb Project also sponsors important Special Projects at the national level and this website provides an entry point to all of those pages, as well. explains how to obtain vital records (such as birth certificates, death records, marriage license,s and divorce decree) from each state, territory, and county of the United States. It also has a page that explains how to get international vital records.

World Genealogy Project: Are you looking for records in Maine? Would you like to help build a replacement database for the 1890 census? These are two reasons you may want to visit World Genealogy Project. The World Genealogy Project actually supports multiple projects. These projects range from providing access to Maine vital records and newspapers, to providing a replacement database for the 1890 U.S. Census (which was destroyed by fire), to providing an every-name index of individuals who lived before 1900. The site also has a page dedicated to the owner's search for her lost aunt, Nancy Lee Miller. The site also provides links to several popular genealogy websites. specializes in photo retouching, photo restoration, and photo enhancement. Photo services include retouching and restoring damaged photos, colorizing, adding backgrounds, or removing objects from photos. provides access to websites for various family names and organizations. The site also provides an excellent tutorial on how to create a family history website and tips on finding long-lost family.

Your Family Legacy can help you discover, preserve, and display your family history and memories using the best scrapbooking and genealogy products available.

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